About the Challenge Group

On behalf of customers, the Challenge Group plays a key role in monitoring and reporting on Wessex Water’s delivery of its business plan for the five-year period to March 2025.

In particular it looks at how Wessex Water delivers against the commitments it has made to:

  • offer affordable bills
  • provide excellent service for customers
  • assist vulnerable customers
  • reduce leakage
  • provide the highest quality drinking water
  • improve bathing waters
  • protect rivers, lakes and estuaries 
  • enhance biodiversity
  • minimise sewage flooding 
  • maintain resilient services
  • reduce its carbon footprint.

These are the key priorities that customers identified when they were consulted during the last price review.

The group advises and challenges Wessex Water with regard to these priorities and publishes its advice to the company's board on whether performance commitments are being met.

The group helped Wessex Water to develop its current 2020-2025 business plan to ensure it meets the needs of its customers and will do the same for the next business plan.

In particular, the group will advise and challenge Wessex Water with regard to:

  • its engagement and research plans for the 2025-30 business plan
  • its interpretation of customers’ views and how they are reflected in the next business plan.

An annual report is published by the Challenge Group outlining its discussion topics, major conclusions and its assessment of Wessex Water's progress in delivering its performance commitments.

In addition, minutes of the group’s meetings are available on this website as well as the terms of reference.